Fake Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges offer an important platform for buying and trading digital assets. But many of these exchanges remain unregulated, and susceptible to scams. Scammers have indeed turned to creating fake cryptocurrency exchanges and manipulating trading volumes on seemingly reputable exchanges in order to lure potential investors and fleece them of their funds. These exchanges may harass users, deny crypto withdrawals, charge high fees, or even walk away with your entire investment. To guard against these schemes, experts recommend using only reputable exchanges. You should learn to spot the telltale signs of fake websites before opening an account.

CryptoGM / Crypto GM/ iCryptoGM

KontoFX / EZCrypto Place / EZ Crypto Place

Crypto Exchange Pro

Omega Crypto

Crypto Options Trader

SMS Crypto Limited

VIP Crypto / Cryptonix Team

Crypto Asset Management Ltd

Crypto Brain (clone of FCA authorised firm)

Maplewalk t/a Prime Crypto

365 Markets (Trustnet Ltd)

Aaron Brett


Accea Finance

Access Centrale Bank

Actio-Conseil (formerly www.energie-dma-access.com and https://actio-conseil.com) – Cloned firm

Akita Matsui Trading

Akita Michinoku Company

Akiyama Acquisitions

Alternative investment products (rare earths, precious metals, diamonds, etc.): be on you guard!

Antares (www.antares.trade)

Asahi Marusan Management

Beware of attempts at phishing in relation to COVID-19!

Beware of new fraudulent online trading platforms

Binary options: the FSMA warns the public against several actors operating unlawfully within the territory of belgium


Blessing Service

Blonde Bear OU (TRADEDAX)

Blue Hill Capitals

Atlantix Services

Brock Holdings

Brookfield Investment fund PLC – Cloned firm

Bruckhaus quist

Burton Mills


Capital Pilots


Carlyle Capital Management

Companies that sell trading and training software

Ashcroft Cohen Strategic Capital (ACSC)

Ashton Group LTD

Asia Associates


Asterix Bank

if you have been Scammed by a Company, and can not find their name on the lost, Do click the File Complaint button to report such platform for more inquiries on how to get your funds back from them.

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