Elevating your Credibility with Bank Guarantees. Companies encountering cashflow problems and losing out to competitors can lack the necessary weight and authority to clinch a deal. Here, we show you how Bank Guarantees can enhance your company’s credibility and reputation, as well as how a Bank Guarantee can alleviate your cash flow problems. 

Enhancing your Companies Credibility and Reputation 

Credibility and reputation mean everything in the business world. Being able to employ Bank Guarantees to underwrite your business dealings will enhance both your reputation and credibility. If you are in competition to win a trading arrangement, those without a Bank Guarantee may come second. So, what does a Bank Guarantee bring to the party? 

A Bank Guarantee shows that your bankers are impressed with the management in your company. It shows your bankers have complete faith in you and your trading partner knows that in the event of a default they will get paid. A Bank Guarantee is a financial statement of intent. Put all these together and your company’s reputation and credibility are totally enhanced. 

Bank Guarantees and the International Market Place 

Without Bank Guarantees and Letters of Credit, international trade would almost grind to a halt. These instruments are the cornerstone that international trade relies on. Utilising a Bank Guarantee allows a company to purchase goods from all over the world.  

In simple terms a Bank Guarantee is a legal arrangement that is accepted globally. It can be issued in different currencies to enhance trading opportunities. Furthermore, a Bank Guarantee removes the risk of non-payment to the counterparty or trading partner. 

Cash Flow Management 

There is a Bank Guarantee specifically issued to raise loans and lines of credit, the Demand Bank Guarantee. This is specifically issued in order to raise a loan or line of credit. The format contains precise and exact wording allowing a lender to use the instrument as collateral.  

Once collateralised the lender can offer a loan or line of credit. The lender knows in event of default the Demand Bank Guarantee is payable on first demand. It is governed by ICC Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees, (URDG 758). 

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It appears that Bank Guarantees are a solution to many of the woes suffered by companies in today’s market. If you are not aware of the benefits of Bank Guarantees, then it is imperative that you get in touch. This will give you an immediate and specific understanding of Bank Guarantees and their benefits.

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